100 year WW1 anniversary commemorations at

All Saints Church in Banstead

Tolling the bell

More than one hundred and twenty men from our local villages fell in World War One.

Banstead Five Churches, Banstead District Royal British Legion, Banstead District Scouts and Banstead History Research Group are honouring their memories. A commemoration ceremony is held at All Saints, Banstead, on the 100th anniversary of the death of each local man. The short service includes a eulogy followed by the tolling of the church bell exactly one hundred times, often by relatives or descendants of the fallen.

Banstead men who served overseas in WW1, casualties and survivors This section of our website lists the men, commemorated in date order. Also included are links to their stories compiled by BHRG member James Crouch, and where available, links to film of the service held at the church. You can send in your own photographs here.

Page last updated: 10 April 2017

All Saints Church archives hold a unique record of all the local men who served overseas in WW1. These include casualties, wounded, prisoners, and surving men of the villages, handwritten and listed in alphabetical order of surname. The details include Name, Address, Regiment or Ship, where served. Page through the book by clicking the image on the left.


Date of death
(Links to story)
Lived at Video of Service  
  8 Jan 1917 John Stiles St Olave's, Salisbury Road, Banstead
20 Jan 1917 Stanley Sumner Quendon, Court Road, Banstead
10 Feb 1917 Arthur Norris Court House, Court Road, Banstead
11 Feb 1917 Albert Sycamore Gerrards Lodge, Garratts Lane, Banstead
27 Feb 1917 Albert Bowler 24, Oatlands Road, Burgh Heath
28 Feb 1917 John Henry Baldwin 3 Devonshire Cottages, Garratts Lane, Banstead
11 Apr 1917 George Tichener Court House, Court Road, Banstead   
13 Apr 1917 Allen Guest 10 Diceland Road, Banstead    
13 Apr 1917 George Nash 17 Shrubland Road, Banstead  
13 Apr 1917 Alfred Skelton 15 Ferndale Road, Banstead  
23 Apr 1917 Thomas Riches   18 Oatlands Road, Burgh Heath  
23 Apr 1917 Edward Beadle  Born in Banstead, lived in Croydon  
24 Apr 1917 Arthur Curtis Coffee House, High Street 
28 Apr 1917 Reginald Moyse  Patient at Banstead Asylum 
4 May 1917 William Gudgion 8 Canons Lane, Burgh Heath 
8 May 1917 Laurence Mansfield 4 Green's Cottages, Burgh Heath
23 May 1917 Dr Robert Vaughan Banstead Asylum
19 Jun 1917 Harry Harden 17/17A Lyme Regis Road, Banstead   
21 Jun 1917 Reginald Sturt  19 Shrubland Road, Banstead   
31 Jul 1917 William Wallis Flint Cottages, High Street 
3 Aug 1917 George Blunt 17/17A Lyme Regis Road, Banstead    
10 Aug 1917 Victor Bown 60 Ferndale Road, Banstead   
19 Aug 1917 Jack Taylor 32 Lyme Regis Road, Banstead   
22 Sep 1917 Albert Waters  30 Lyme Regis Road, Banstead     
26 Sep 1917 Charles Couchman 10 Lyme Regis Road, Banstead   
26 Sep 1917 Alfred Langford  Gerrards Lodge, Garratts Lane 
2 Mar 1916 Fred Billing 5, Wheeler's Cottages, Burgh Heath    
8 Mar 1916 Edward Jasper Cross Well House Cottage, Banstead    
5 Apr 1916 Bernard Marshall The Elms, Copt Hill Lane, Burgh Heath    
17 Apr 1916 Roberts Majuba Caselton 30 Diceland Road, Banstead    
21 Ap 1916 George Edwards 11 Asylum Cottages, Freedown Lane, Banstead    
30 Apr 1916 George Mitchell 44 Oatlands Road, Burgh Heath    
21 May 1916 Charles Grason Cannons Lane, Burgh Heath    
  1 Jun 1916 Henry Ireland Asylum Cottages, Freedown Lane, Banstead   Sutton
1 Jul 1916 Harry Bates
Maurice Furse
60 Diceland Road, Banstead
The School House, The Green, Burgh Heath
3 Jul 1916 Cuthbert Buckle Agrapatana, Sri Lanka    
7 Jul 1916 Thomas Gurney 26 Diceland Road, Banstead    
13 Jul 1916 Horace Mitchell 44 Oatlands Rd, Burgh Heath    
26 Jul 1916 Tom Cox Tadworth Camp, Epsom Downs orig. Greinton, Somerset    
10 Aug 1916 Harry Arthur Well House, Woodmanterne Lane, Banstead    
12 Aug 1916 George Daniels 44, Diceland Road, Banstead    
15 Aug 1916 Arthur Boobier 40, Ferndale Road, Banstead    
17 Aug 1916 Leonard Bowler 24 Oatlands Road, Burgh Heath    
18 Aug 1916 Archie Buckle
William Draper
Woodcote House, Epsom
3 Apsley Cottages, Park Road
3 Sep 1916 William Burberry Diceland Road, Banstead    
9 Sep 1916 Clement Goldsmith Banstead Wood House, Banstead orig. Wadhurst, Sussex    
15 Sep 1916 Herbert Garton Banstead Wood, Banstead

Video Eulogy

28 Sep 1916 Herbert Page 12 Oatlands Road, Burgh Heath    
30 Sep 1916 Bryan Paull Copthorne in Burgh Heath    
20 Oct 1916 Archibald Tonge Post Office, High Street, Banstead    
31 Oct 1916 Edwin Weller Firtree Cottages, Pound Road    
21 Nov 1916 Gilbert Burrington M.M. 315 Reigate Road, Nork    
25 Nov 1916 George Bryan 22 Oatlands Road, Burgh Heath    
20 Dec 1916 Lionel King-Stephens The Bank, High Street, Banstead    
1915 (not yet complete)
2 May 1915

William Appleby
Ernest Fairs

The Kensington & Chelsea District School, Fir Tree Road
Diceland Road, Banstead
17 May 1915 Gordon Anderson 11 Lyme Regis Road, Banstead    
6 Aug 1915 Horace Champion Garrats Hall, Banstead    
28 Sep 1915 Hugh Forster The Grange, Sutton.    
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