This photo was taken in 1953 and shows the Junior Church departments of the Banstead Congregational Church ( now the United Reformed Church).

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Thanks to Mary Newbery nee Tilley of St Albans who spotted herself in the front row and was also able to sort out the two Drew sisters. 

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Public contribution to BHRG Contributed by Philp Smith - Member of BHRG June 2009
Banstead Congregational now URC Jul 1953. Picture Courtesy of Philip Smith 2009

Back Row (L-R) 3rd Row back seated (L-R) 2nd row back seated (L-R) Front Row
1. Susan Blofeld 1. Angela Nurse 1. Godfrey Smith 1.  Prudence Drew
2. Jennifer Smith 2. --?   2. Catherine Smith 2.  Patience Drew
3. --? 3. Susan Cheek 3. --? 3.  Martin Brown
4. --? 4. Susan Brown 4. Graham Hobson 4. --?
5. --? 5. --? 5. --? 5. --?
6. --? 6. Julie Pennell 6. Fiona Hartley-Smith 6. --?
7. Ann Hughes 7. Vivien Hartley-Smith 7. --? 7. --?
8. Maureen O'Brien 8. Willie Smith 8. Ann Corbett 8. Mary Tilley
9. Beryl Huxley 9. May Tickner 9. --? 9. --?
10. Susan Hansen 10. Caryl Micklem 10. --?
11. Valarie Cooper 11. Ernest Tickner 11. --?
12. --? 12.Bernard Smith 12 --?
13. Douglas Nurse 13. Philip Pennell 13 --?
14. John Smith 14. Brwyn Hughes 14 --?
15. Donald Hansen 15. John Wyrill 15. --?
16. John Tilley 16. Gwen Pennell 16. --?
17. David Bridgeman 17. Pat O'Brien 17. Stephen Andrews
18. Josephine Wakley 18. --? 18. --?
19. Rosary Brown 19. Ruth Hansen 19. Jennifer Shuman
20. Philip Smith 20. --? 20. Carol Shuman
21. Roger Nurse 21. --?
22. --? 22.--?
23. Julie Hobson
24. --?
25. --?
26. --?
27. --?
28. --?
29. --?
30. Derek Leadham
31. ?  Kenneth Stevens 
32. Tim Harding

My name is Susan Ryder (nee Cheek) and I currently live in Spain. I was made aware of your web site recently by Paul Burrows who I recently rediscovered through friends re-united! I was born in May 1945 and lived for my first 16 years at 48 The Oval, Banstead. Margaret and Paul Burrows also lived in the Oval at that time.

The Oval was a great place for children to live because the grass area in the centre was bigger. I think the road was made wider in the 1960's. We played football, cricket and numerous other games and climbed the trees etc. We used to build a big bonfire in the centre for November the 5th and all the families from Lambert Road and some from Wilmot Way would come and join us. I remember one year when a group of us took our bikes to the top of Salisbury Road where the trees were being cut down to make way for a new building fronting the High Street. We tied big branches to the backs of our bikes and took them back down to the Oval. (This sort of behaviour seems incredible now).

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is, I think it is me in the photo of Banstead Congregational Church group no. 3 in the third row back next to Susan Brown. She was my best friend at about this time. They lived in Salisbury Road and later moved to Wilmot Way and we inevitably grew apart! My father had a lot to do with the Banstead Community Association and I still have a couple of old poems by someone called Ronald Mason about Banstead. One is called Banstead High Street and the other Hubert de Burgh.

All the best

Sue Ryder