Information wanted ...                                      Last updated 12 Nov 2013

Images of Tangier Wood

We are looking for any images of this large house which was built in about 1925 on the site of the original wood. It had large grounds and a gate house close to the main Reigate road. The land was eventually sold off for a small development of houses and bungalows in the 1950/1960s. If you have and relevant photos or know more about this house please contact us by clicking here.

Cine films of Banstead

In 2012 we managed to purchase seven reels of 16mm film which show Banstead in the late 1930s and early 1940s. We showed them at the Banstead Arts Festival talk on 11th May 2013.

We would like to hear of any other such cine film that might be squirreled away and forgotten. If they show events of historic local interest, we can have them properly restored for others to enjoy, so do let us know. Please contact us by clicking here.

Who was J Brown?

We have a J Brown listed on the War Memorial but to date we have failed to identify him. Can you help? Please contact us by clicking here.

Photograph of Court Cottages pre 1908 — £100 to anyone who can find one

A local gentleman visited the BHRG stall at the Banstead Village fair and asked about any photographs of Court Cottages prior to 1908. None of our members could come up with any and that includes LW who has a collection of some 600 Banstead postcards from the early 1900s.

This gentleman has left us his details and is prepared to offer £100 to anyone who can provide him with a good photograph of Court Cottages taken before 1908. Can you help? If so, please contact us here.

Wilmot Way Tree

We are after any photograph or knowledge of the tree which was located at the top of Wilmot Way in the 1930s.

The Banstead Quarterly dated October 1934 reports that '. . . we are still hoping the tree at the top of Wilmot Way may be saved . . .'. It was eventually cut down, but to date we can find no image of it. Can you help? If so, please contact us here.

Memorial WWII Rededication service

Do you remember or have any knowledge of the Rededication Service of the Banstead War Memorial which must have taken place after WWII when the men from that war were added to the original WWI list? Despite several years of searching, we can find no record of this event. Please mail us here with any information, however insignificant.

Local Postcards and documents

We have access to two large collections of local postcards but we know that there are many more than we currently have. If you have any local postcards, whatever the condition, we will be pleased to know about them and can sometimes purchase them or scan them for our archives. See also here.

We are also interested to hear about any deeds, letters, old newspaper cuttings, church magazines, posters, in fact any historical document with local interest. If you can help please contact us here .