BHRG's Group photo collection - Where you there . . .?
Over the years we have collected many group photographs from many different sources. Sometimes the photo comes with its own documentation , or perhaps names are written on the reverse, but often we have names for one or two individuals but not the rest.

You can help – maybe you are in the photo, or perhaps you recognize your parents or even grandparents. If so, we would like to know. Please mail the webmaster here with any information at all. You might not know anyone but recognise the event or the location. Do let us know.

We have many school photos too. Click this link to navigate to the schools pages.

Banstead Fire

Fire Station staff at Banstead
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All Saints Choir

All Saints Choir 1947 Banstead
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Tin Tabernacle
Children at Banstead Tin Tabernacle Banstead Baptist Church
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