Postcards of Banstead Village in Surrey
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The first picture postcards were printed around the very late 1800's. The first Private Postcard which required the use of an adhesive stamp appeared around 1894, and this later developed into the picture postcard. These were the first cards to qualify for the Postcard rate, one halfpenny at that time. By the turn of the century, postcards were in everyone's homes and the annual consumption was over 500 million.

Just a few of Lewis' Banstead postcards That was over 100 years ago and many survive to this day serving as a snapshot of history.

Publishers rarely kept records of cards they produced, and a collector can never know if he has collected all the different postcards available. Most of the postcards included in this site come from the personal collection of Lewis Wood, BHRG member and webmaster. Most date back to the early 1900's and Lewis has over 350 in his collection. The Banstead History Research Group has used many in its publications.

The Banstead History Centre at the library also has a collection, and will gladly accept any unwanted postcards of Banstead and the surrounding areas. Lewis is looking to compile a list starting with these two collections but many many more postcards must exist.

If you own a collection, or know someone who does, please tell us about it. Please also tell us if you have a whole collection or even a handful of local postcards that you might wish to sell. Some of the rarer cards could be worth in excess of £35 but £2 to £6 is more normal for the average card.

Lewis will willingly call round and take a look at your collection if you are local to Banstead. If we use a postcard from your collection in one of our publications, we will insert your name as the source.

.....So go on, get in touch, however big or small your collection is.

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