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Beechholme Children in 1921

(Kensington and Chelsea District School)

The transcriptions of the 1921 census on the on-line genealogy website are woefully inaccurate
for Beechholme and we have been through all the names and established the correct ones as far as we can.
The list below shows all 672 children recorded at the school in the 1921 census.

If you have been unable to find your ancestor on the on-line genealogy sites,
we hope that you will be able to find them in this list.

NOTE: The 1921 census records are listed under Ewell and not Banstead or Nork.

If you recognize a name, or would like to add your own memories or story, please contact us here.

We do not hold any personal files but we may be able to assist you in finding more information.


Find your ancestor . . .

To find an individual entry, use the surname list on the left-hand side first.

If you are unable to identify the individual by surname, move to the right-hand list and try searching by first name which might be successful. Look for a surname that is close to what you are after in case the transcription was incorrect and we did not spot it.

If you know that the child you are looking for was at the school in 1921, bear in mind that the census was taken on 19 June 1921.

If you are still struggling, use the link here to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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Listed by Surname   Listed by First Name
Ager Alice Ada Ash
Aimes Lilian Ada Fisher
Allfrey Annie Ada Mansfield
Armstrong Vernon Ada Wiggins
Arthur Percy Adelaide Develin
Ascoult Margaret Adelaide Townsend
Ash Ada Agnes Champkin
Atkins William Albert Byers
Barker Patience Albert Carpenter
Barker Dorothy Albert Foster
Barker Lilian Albert Hill
Barker Reginald Albert Mitchenall
Barker Gladys Albert Poynter
Barker Edward Albert Quinn
Barker Stanley Albert Richardson
Barnes Henry Albert Savage
Beasley George Albert Seaton
Beecher Arthur Albert Shears
Beecher Alfred Albert Westbrook
Bennett Margaret Alex Cater
Bennett Annie Alexander Milton
Bennett Susan Alexander Murrell
Bennett Alfred Alexander Wilson
Bennett Emily Alfred Beecher
Benvan Grace Alfred Bennett
Bevan Sidney Alfred Bunn
Bidmead Gladys Alfred Damory
Bilanshek Charles Alfred Develin
Bilanshek Frederick Alfred Fitchett
Bilanshek Rudolph Alfred Griffin
Bishop Lily Alfred Hobbs
Bishop David Alfred Liles
Bishop Leslie Alfred Saunders
Black Beatrice Alfred Smith
Black Elizabeth Alfred Sweetland
Black Robert Alfred Tomkins
Block John Alice Ager
Borer Mary Alice Emblem
Botfield Vera Alice Freeman
Boyden Frank Alice Jaquest
Boylett Henry Alice Landley
Bradbury Frederick Alice Marshfield
Bradnam William Alice Peterson
Bradnam Sidney Alice Pinnock
Brandon Edward AliceYule
Brandon Elsie Allan Willshire
Brandon Doris Amelia Brown
Bricknell Jack Amelia Miles
Briggs George Amelia Willmoth
Bromley Robert Amy Hobbs
Brown Robert Amy Moore
Brown Marjorie Andrew Hewitt
Brown Lily Andrew Pakeman
Brown Amelia Annie Allfrey
Brown Edward Annie Bennett
Brown Edith Annie Gilbert
Brown Frederick Annie Lown
Browning Thomas Archibald Dulwood
Brustmeyer George Argentine Tomkins
Brustmeyer Winifred Arthur Beecher
Bruton Freda Arthur Constable
Bunn Alfred Arthur Dinnage
Bunn Dorothy Arthur Holmes
Bunn Charles Arthur Hubbard
Burgess Flossie Arthur Hughes
Burgess Joseph Arthur Lloyd
Burgess Henry Arthur Moxon
Burgess Charles Arthur Pollard
Burgess Frederick Arthur Powell
Burton George Arthur Poynter
Burton Frank Arthur Price
Bush Stanley Arthur Quinnell
Bush Virtue Arthur Richardson
Bush Ronald Arthur Robertson
Bush Frank Arthur Smith
Bush Gladys Arthur Stoten
Bustin Harold Arthur Wilkinson
Bustin Charles Aubrey Willmoth
Byers Albert Audrey Willis
Byers Mary Barbara Wilson
Camp Irene Beatrice Black
Camp Ellen Beatrice Marshall
Carpenter Violet BeatriceTaylor
Carpenter Albert Benjamin Edwards
Carr Stanley Benjamin Middle
Carr Ernest Bertie Loomes
Carrington Stanley Bertie Pinder
Carroll Edward Betsy Chatham
Carroll Nancy Blanche Mansfield
Castle Henry Brian Robertson
Castle William Bridget Cooper
Cater Alex Caroline Kingston
Cayford Clarice Catherine Shepherd
Champkin Agnes Cecil Davis
Champkin Rose Cecil Mansfield
Champkin Ellen Cecil Marshall
Chapman Edward Cecilia Mann
Chappell Mary Charles Bilanshek
Chatham Betsy Charles Bunn
Chatham Sarah Charles Burgess
Chatham Eva Charles Bustin
Chatham Hilda Charles Cox
Chennour William Charles Davis
Cherry Ernest Charles Diaper
Chittenden Frederick Charles Dickens
Clark Sydney Charles Elliott
Clarke Lilian Charles Griffiths
Clements Lilian Charles Hart
Clements William Charles Hicks
Clipstone Frances Charles Hurrell
Coleman William Charles Mansell
Collins William Charles Marsh
Collins Ernest Charles Mason
Conroy Edward Charles Mason
Constable Vera Charles Phipps
Constable Arthur Charles Richardson
Constable Frank Charles Robinson
Cook James Charles Rolph
Cook Stanley Charles Seaton
Cook Gladys Charles Wheeler
Cook Stanley Charles Wiggins
Cook Thomas Charlotte Walker
Cook Elizabeth Christina Page
Cooper Mary Christopher Goddard
Cooper Bridget Christopher White
Cooper Roland Cissie Jeffreys
Cooper Daisy Cissie Pratley
Cooper Henry Clarence Smith
Cooper Ernest Clarice Cayford
Cooper Gladys Claude Nicholson
Cornelus John Cyril Goldson
Costin Thomas Daisy Cooper
Cosway Stafford Daisy Lavers
Coulson Edgar Daisy Postance
Cox Lillian David Bishop
Cox Charles David Welstead
Cox Edward Donald Kaiser
Cox Rosina Doris Brandon
Cox Florence Doris Joyce
Creighton Stanley Doris Philip
Creighton Mabel Doris Sergeant
Cripps William Doris Thorne
Cripps William L Doris Wilson
Crockett Grace Dorothy Barker
Croft Ellen Dorothy Bunn
Croft Richard Dorothy Fitchett
Curtis Ethel Dorothy Fodder
Dallas Herbert V Dorothy Franklin
Dalwood Henry Dorothy Gardiner
Dalwood Miriam Dorothy Gilbert
Damory Grace Dorothy Godson
Damory Alfred Dorothy Lavers
Davey Mary Dorothy Obery
Davey Elsie Dorothy Short
Davis Jack Dorothy Tough
Davis Cecil Dorothy Vanderguest
Davis Charles Douglas Zaschner
Dennis Edward Edgar Coulson
Develin Alfred Edgar Gardiner
Develin Adelaide Edgar Nulford
Diaper Stanley Edgar Wood
Diaper Norman Edith Brown
Diaper John Edith Marshall
Diaper Gertrude Edith Parsons
Diaper Charles Edith Pratley
Dickens Charles Edith Sheen
Dinnage Arthur Edith Stone
Dixon Margaret Edith Taylor
Dixon Thomas Edith Thatcher
Downham Eric Edward Barker
Downs Mary Edward Brandon
Dulwood Archibald Edward Brown
Dumbell Michael Edward Carroll
Dunlop Joseph V Edward Chapman
Eatwell William Edward Conroy
Edney Hettie Edward Cox
Edwards John Edward Dennis
Edwards Benjamin Edward Fitchett
Elliott Harry Edward Griffin
Elliott Helena Edward Hart
Elliott Mabel Edward Hewitt
Elliott Frederick Edward Howard
Elliott Charles Edward Larche
Elrick Henry Edward Pinson
Elrick Sidney Edward Prior
Elrick Gertrude Edward Roche
Emblem Alice Edward Smith
Engles Karl Edward Sowden
Faulkner James Eileen Hurrell
Fenn William Eileen Poke
Fennell Eleanor Eleanor Fennell
Fisher Ivy Elijah Towner
Fisher Muriel Eliza Stoten
Fisher George Elizabeth Black
Fisher Ada Elizabeth Cook
Fitchett Edward Elizabeth Fodder
Fitchett Alfred Elizabeth Mason
Fitchett Dorothy Elizabeth Mills
Fitchett Ethel Elizabeth Nash
Flaxman Raymond Ellen Camp
Fodder Norah Ellen Champkin
Fodder Dorothy Ellen Croft
Fodder Elizabeth Ellen Harding
Foord Esther Ellen Kingston
Foord Olive Ellen Marston
FosterWilliam Ellen Pilgrim
Foster Albert Ellen Steward
Foster Lilian Ellen Tomkins
Foster James Ellie Hunt
Fox Henry Elsie Brandon
Fox Mary Elsie Davey
Fox Maggie Elsie Gascoyne
Fox Ina Elsie Smith
Fox Violet Elsie Turner
Franklin Dorothy Emily Bennett
Freeman Louis Emily Hiscock
Freeman Alice Emily Honeybun
Fryer Maud Emily Masterson
Gadsden Marie Emily Milton
Gardiner Edgar Eric Downham
Gardiner Dorothy Eric Hicks
Gardiner Frederick Eric Tregoning
Gascoyne Elsie Ernest Carr
Gent William Ernest Cherry
George John Ernest Collins
Gibbons William Ernest Cooper
Gibson Neville Ernest Holmes
Gilbert Annie Ernest Pilgrim
Gilbert Dorothy Ernest Rumsey
Goddard Christopher Ernest Smith
Goddard Violet Ernest Soper
Godleman Reginald Ernest Woodhouse
Godson Dorothy Esther Foord
Godson William Esther Spires
Gogarty Olga Ethel Curtis
Golding John Ethel Fitchett
Golding Susan Ethel Hawkins
Goldson Cyril Ethel Postance
Goldson James Ethel Shepherd
Goodyear Florence Ethel Warwick
Gordon Leonard Ethel Webberley
Grabban Lily Ethel Willett
Griffin Alfred Eva Chatham
Griffin Edward Eva Hill
Griffiths William Eva Pope
Griffiths Charles Evelyn Meek
Griggs Richard Florence Cox
Griggs William Florence Goodyear
Groves Raymond Florence Liles
Hales Frederick Florence Monro
Hall Wilfred Florence O'Brien
Hannay Jack Florence Tomsett
Harding Ellen Florence Westbrook
Harland William Florence Yule
Harland Sidney Flossie Burgess
Hart William Frances Clipstone
Hart George Frances Tullett
Hart Edward Frank Boyden
Hart Charles Frank Burton
Harvey Margaret Frank Bush
Hastings Horace Frank Constable
Hastings Percy Frank Kerr
Hawkins Ethel Frank Shepherd
Hawkins Winifred Frank Smith
Hayyer Lilian Frank Warwick
Headley Winifred Frank Whiley
Hefford Joseph Freda Bruton
Hewitt Frederick Frederick Bilanshek
Hewitt Andrew Frederick Bradbury
Hewitt Edward Frederick Brown
Hickman William Frederick Burgess
Hicks Eric Frederick Chittenden
Hicks Charles Frederick Elliott
Hicks Gertrude Frederick Gardiner
Hill Albert Frederick Hales
Hill William Frederick Hewitt
Hill Reginald Frederick Hill
Hill Olive Frederick Hill
Hill Leslie Frederick Holton
Hill Eva Frederick Kempton
Hill Frederick Frederick Marwood
Hill Frederick Frederick Mason
Hill John Frederick Mason
Hintze Horace Frederick McLoughlin
Hiscock Emily Frederick Miller
Hiscock Louisa Frederick Mitchenall
Hobbs Alfred Frederick Monro
Hobbs Amy Frederick Norris
Holmes Arthur Frederick Sickenger
HolmesErnest Frederick Smith
Holton Frederick Frederick Wetton
Honeybun Emily Frederick Willshire
Horwood Henry Frederick Woodhouse
Horwood George George Beasley
Howard Lawrence George Briggs
Howard Edward George Brustmeyer
Howe John George Burton
Howe Martin George Fisher
Howe William George Hart
Howe James George Horwood
Hubbard William George Hughes
Hubbard Arthur George Larner
Hughes Arthur George Lewis
Hughes George George Marsh
Hull Thomas George Masterson
Hull Mabel George Maw
Hunt Ellie George Message
Hunt Louisa George Murston
Hunt Stanley George Newman
Hurrell Eileen George Pinson
Hurrell Charles George Poke
Jaquest Alice George Raper
Jeffreys Lily George Sandford
Jeffreys Cissie George Scowen
Jelly Joseph George Seamark
Jepp Mary George Shears
Jones John George Thiroff
Joyce Doris George Tofield
Kaiser Philip George White
Kaiser Donald George Wilds
Kaiser Harold George Woodford
Kay Hilda Gertrude Diaper
Kay Vera Gertrude Elrick
Keeler Rose Gertrude Hicks
Kempton Frederick Gertrude Lambert
Kempton Henry Gertrude Latham
Keogh Lionel Gertrude Reed
Keogh Patsy Gladys Barker
Kerr Frank Gladys Bidmead
Khan Waris Gladys Bush
Kingston Caroline Gladys Cook
Kingston Ellen Gladys Cooper
Kirkland Sidney Gladys Ramsey
Kirkland Robert Gladys Valentine
Knott Henry Grace Benvan
Lambert Gertrude Grace Crockett
Lampstone John Grace Damory
Landley Alice Grace Mansfield
Landley John Grace Sickenger
Landley Walter Grace Yule
Langlois John Gwendoline Weymouth
Larche Edward Hannah White
Larner Violet Harold Bustin
Larner Richard Harold Kaiser
Larner Henry Harold Walton
Larner George Harriet Maw
Latham Gertrude Harry Elliott
Latham Jessie Harry Simmonds
Lavers Rose Harry Smith
Lavers Dorothy Helena Elliott
Lavers Daisy Henry Barnes
Lewis George Henry Boylett
Lewis John Henry Burgess
Liles Alfred Henry Castle
Liles Mary Henry Cooper
Liles Florence Henry Dalwood
Lindo Ivy Henry Elrick
Lindo May Henry Fox
Lindo Muriel Henry Horwood
Lindo Millicent Henry Kempton
Lloyd Arthur Henry Knott
Long John Henry Larner
Loomes Bertie Henry Lown
Lown Annie Henry Penford
Lown Henry Henry Scowen
Mann Cecilia Henry Smith
Mansell Charles Henry Stevenson
Mansfield Cecil Herbert V Dallas
Mansfield Blanche Herman Powell
Mansfield Grace Hettie Edney
Mansfield Ada Hettie Marston
Mansfield Kate Hilda Chatham
Marloes Norah Hilda Kay
Marlow Martin Hilda Paull
Marsh George Hilda Ward
Marsh Charles Horace Hastings
Marshall Stanley Horace Hintze
Marshall Cecil Ina Fox
Marshall Rose Irene Camp
Marshall Edith Irene Scott
Marshall Beatrice Ivy Fisher
Marshfield Alice Ivy Lindo
Marshfield John Ivy Milton
Marston Hettie Ivy Robbins
Marston Nancy Jack Bricknell
Marston Ellen Jack Davis
Marwood Frederick Jack Hannay
Mason Mary James Cook
Mason Frederick James Faulkner
MasonFrederick James Foster
Mason Charles James Goldson
Mason Elizabeth James Howe
Mason Charles James Perrett
Masterson Emily James Portsmouth
Masterson George James Smith
Maw Harriet James West
Maw Rosina Jesse Rolph
Maw George Jessie Latham
May Leonard Jessie McLoughlin
McKenzie William Joan Reeves
McLoughlin Frederick John Block
McLoughlin William John Cornelus
McLoughlin Jessie John Diaper
McLoughlin Susan John Edwards
Meek Evelyn John George
Melluish John John Golding
Melluish Leonard John Hill
Melluish Victor John Howe
Message George John Jones
Message Thomas John Lampstone
Middle Benjamin John Landley
Middlewick Walter John Langlois
Miles William John Lewis
Miles Amelia John Long
Miller Sidney John Marshfield
Miller Frederick John Melluish
Mills Elizabeth John Moore
Milton Alexander John Moore
Milton Emily John Pardo
Milton Ivy John Peart
Mitchenall Frederick John Polley
Mitchenall William John Rixon
Mitchenall Albert John Shliemann
Mogridge Nellie John Silcox
Monro Frederick John Thomas
Monro Florence John Tuffey
Moore Reuben Joseph Burgess
Moore John Joseph Hefford
Moore Amy Joseph Jelly
Moore Margaret Joseph Pardo
Moore John Joseph Ramsey
Moxon Arthur Joseph V Dunlop
Moyridge Queenie Karl Engles
Muhlemann William Kate Mansfield
Murrell Alexander Lawrence Howard
Murston George Leonard Gordon
Nash Elizabeth Leonard May
Newman George Leonard Melluish
Newman William Leslie Bishop
Nicholson Claude Leslie Hill
Nicholson Winifred Leslie Poynter
Noad William Leslie Scowen
Norris Frederick Lilian Aimes
Nulford Edgar Lilian Barker
Obery Dorothy Lilian Clarke
O'Brien Florence Lilian Clements
Owen Rhoda Lilian Foster
Page Christina Lilian Hayyer
Pakeman Andrew Lilian Polley
Pakeman Ronald Lilian Sawyer
Pardo John Lilian Smith
Pardo Joseph Lillian Cox
Parsons Thomas Lily Bishop
Parsons Edith Lily Brown
Paull Hilda Lily Grabban
Payne Rhoda Lily Jeffreys
Peart John Lily Ruskin
Penford Henry Lily Webberley
Perrett James Lionel Keogh
Peterson Alice Lottie Ruskin
Pharant Ronald Louis Freeman
Pharant Queenie Louisa Hiscock
Philip Sidney Louisa Hunt
Philp Doris Louisa Thorne
Phipps Charles Lucille Whittick
Pilgrim Ernest Mabel Creighton
Pilgrim Marjorie Mabel Elliott
Pilgrim Ellen Mabel Hull
Pill Thomas Mabel Pointer
Pinder Bertie Mabel Raven
Pinnock Alice Maggie Fox
Pinson George Margaret Ascoult
Pinson Edward Margaret Bennett
Pinson Violet Margaret Dixon
Pointer Mabel Margaret Harvey
Poke George Margaret Moore
Poke Eileen Margaret Stannard
Pollard Arthur Margaret Townsend
Polley Lilian Marie Gadsden
Polley John Marjorie Brown
Polley William Marjorie Pilgrim
Pope Eva Martin Howe
Portsmouth James Martin Marlow
Postance Daisy Mary Borer
Postance Ethel Mary Byers
Powell Herman Mary Chappell
Powell Arthur Mary Cooper
Poynter Arthur Mary Davey
Poynter Leslie Mary Downs
Poynter Albert Mary Fox
Pratley Edith Mary Jepp
Pratley Cissie Mary Liles
Price Arthur Mary Mason
Prior Edward Mary Silcox
Pugh Winifred Mary Turner
Quinn Albert Mary Wright
Quinnell Arthur Maud Fryer
Radomsky Richard Maud Savage
Ramsey Gladys Maud Sawyer
Ramsey Joseph May Lindo
Raper George May Taylor
Raven Mabel May Urburn
Reed Gertrude Michael Dumbell
Reeves Joan Millicent Lindo
Richardson Arthur Millie Woodford
Richardson Albert Minnie Tomkins
Richardson Charles Minnie Tuffey
Rixon John Miriam Dalwood
Robbins Ivy Muriel Fisher
Robertson Arthur Muriel Lindo
Robertson Brian Muriel Tennant
Robinson Charles Muriel Zaschner
Roche Edward Nancy Carroll
Rodway Winifred Nancy Marston
Rolph Jesse Nathaniel Towner
Rolph Charles Nellie Mogridge
Rumens William Nellie Smith
Rumsey Ernest Nellie Woodford
Ruskin Lottie Neville Gibson
Ruskin Lily Norah Fodder
Sandford George Norah Marloes
Saunders Violet Norman Diaper
Saunders Alfred Olga Gogarty
Saunders Sidney Olga Smith
Savage Albert Olive Foord
Savage Maud Olive Hill
Sawyer Maud Pamela Valentine
Sawyer Lilian Patience Barker
Scott Percy Patsy Keogh
Scott Thomas Paul Wood
Scott Irene Percy Arthur
Scowen Leslie Percy Hastings
Scowen George Percy Scott
Scowen Henry Philip Kaiser
Scriven Rita Queenie Moyridge
Seamark George Queenie Pharant
Seaton Charles Raymond Flaxman
Seaton Robert Raymond Groves
Seaton Albert Reginald Barker
Sergeant Doris Reginald Godleman
Shears Winifred Reginald Hill
Shears Albert Reuben Moore
Shears George Rhoda Owen
Sheen Edith Rhoda Payne
Sheen William Richard Croft
Shepherd Frank Richard Griggs
Shepherd Ethel Richard Larner
Shepherd Catherine Richard Radomsky
Shliemann John Rita Scriven
Short Dorothy Robert Black
Sickenger Grace Robert Bromley
Sickenger Frederick Robert Brown
Silcox John Robert Kirkland
Silcox Mary Robert Seaton
Simmonds Harry Robert Townsend
Smith Arthur Roland Cooper
Smith Harry Ronald Bush
Smith Clarence Ronald Pakeman
Smith Olga Ronald Pharant
Smith Alfred Rose Champkin
Smith Edward Rose Keeler
Smith Thomas Rose Lavers
Smith Frederick Rose Marshall
Smith Ernest Rosina Cox
Smith Frank Rosina Maw
Smith Elsie Rudolph Bilanshek
Smith Lilian Samuel Stackalls
Smith Henry Sarah Chatham
Smith Nellie Sidney Bevan
Smith James Sidney Bradnam
Soper Ernest Sidney Elrick
Sowden Edward Sidney Harland
Spires Esther Sidney Kirkland
Stackalls Walter Sidney Miller
Stackalls Samuel Sidney Philip
Stallard Sidney Sidney Saunders
Stallard Victor Sidney Stallard
Stannard Margaret Sidney Willett
Stevenson Henry Stafford Cosway
Steward Ellen Stanley Barker
Stone Edith Stanley Bush
Stoten Eliza Stanley Carr
Stoten Arthur Stanley Carrington
Stoten Walter Stanley Cook
Strange Terry Stanley Cook
Sweetland Alfred Stanley Creighton
Tabener William Stanley Diaper
Taylor Edith Stanley Hunt
Taylor Beatrice Stanley Marshall
Taylor May Stanley Thorne
Temple Thomas Susan Bennett
Tennant Muriel Susan Golding
Thatcher Edith Susan McLoughlin
Thiroff George Sydney Clark
Thomas John Terry Strange
Thorne Stanley Thomas Browning
Thorne Vera Thomas Cook
Thorne Doris Thomas Costin
Thorne Louisa Thomas Dixon
Tofield George Thomas Hull
Tomkins Alfred Thomas Message
Tomkins Ellen Thomas Parsons
Tomkins Argentine Thomas Pill
Tomkins Minnie Thomas Scott
Tomsett Florence Thomas Smith
Tough Dorothy Thomas Temple
Towner Nathaniel Vera Botfield
Towner William Vera Constable
Towner Elijah Vera Kay
Townsend Robert Vera Thorne
Townsend Adelaide Vernon Armstrong
Townsend Margaret Victor Melluish
Tregoning Eric Victor Stallard
Tuffey John Victor Waters
Tuffey Minnie Violet Carpenter
Tullett Frances Violet Fox
Turner Mary Violet Goddard
Turner Elsie Violet Larner
Urburn May Violet Pinson
Valentine Pamela Violet Saunders
Valentine Gladys Violet Webberley
Vanderguest Dorothy Virtue Bush
Walker Charlotte Walter Landley
Walton Harold Walter Middlewick
Ward Hilda Walter Stackalls
Warwick Ethel Walter Stoten
Warwick Frank Waris Khan
Waters Victor Wilfred Hall
Webberley Ethel William Atkins
Webberley Lily William Bradnam
Webberley Violet William Castle
Welstead David William Chennour
West James William Clements
Westbrook Albert William Coleman
Westbrook Florence William Collins
Wetton Frederick William Cripps
Weymouth Gwendoline William Eatwell
Wheeler Charles William Fenn
Whiley Frank William Foster
Whiley William William Gent
White George William Gibbons
White Christopher William Godson
White Hannah William Griffiths
WhittickLucille William Griggs
Wiggins Ada William Harland
Wiggins Charles William Hart
Wilds George William Hickman
Wilkinson Arthur William Hill
Willett Sidney William Howe
Willett Ethel William Hubbard
Willis Audrey William McKenzie
Willmoth Aubrey William McLoughlin
Willmoth Amelia William Miles
Willshire Frederick William Mitchenall
Willshire Allan William Muhlemann
Wilson Barbara William Newman
Wilson Alexander William Noad
Wilson Doris William Polley
Wood Edgar William Rumens
Wood Paul William Sheen
Woodford George William Tabener
Woodford Millie William Towner
Woodford Nellie William Whiley
Woodhouse Ernest William Zaschner
Woodhouse Frederick William L Cripps
Wright Mary Winifred Brustmeyer
Yule Florence Winifred Hawkins
Yule Alice Winifred Headley
Yule Grace Winifred Nicholson
Zaschner William Winifred Pugh
Zaschner Muriel Winifred Rodway
Zaschner Douglas Winifred Shears