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Banstead Village sign - photo by Lewis Wood

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Local history information request


If you have a local history question, we will try to answer it or tell you how to get the answer.
Please mail us at BHRG local history enquiry. We usually acknowledge emails within 24 hours.

We may be able to help with specific members of your family if they were known in Banstead. If your ambition is to trace your whole family history, one of our members, Christine Kent is a professional genealogist and has access to numerous family history resources. Christine would be delighted to hear from you, so take a look her website here.




Have a browse through our Publications page which lists all the books that the Banstead History Research Group has published. In addition to our normal, we now have a new Heritage series.

If you would like to order one or more through the post please mail the details to our Publications secretary at BHRG books.

You can obtain any publication that is in print from the Banstead Library in the Horseshoe (diagonally across from Zizzi) at the western end of the High Street.

Membership Enquiry

BHRG membership stands at around twenty, and members attend ten meetings a year. The main purpose of the Group is to undertake research and collate information on local history.

Members contribute in many different ways, for example by looking through old documents at the Surrey History Centre. These might be books, maps, old invoices or lists of building materials, photographs, minutes of meetings etc. A few members keep in contact with local schools whilst others, in conjunction with Banstead Library Services and volunteers from a range of local societies and organisations, help to run the Banstead History Centre at the local library.

Other members contribute by writing articles, organising events and exhibitions or running stalls at local fairs. If your specific interest is postcard collection we have one member (the webmaster) who has a collection of over 500 Banstead postcards dating from the early 1900s to the present time. Many have been included on this website.

If you feel you can make a contribution, however small, we would love to hear from you.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your contribution could be a wealth of knowledge. You may have lived in Banstead and the local area all your life and know much about local people and events including accounts of experiences during WWII. This will be invaluable to the Group so please contact us.

You do not have to join our Group to send us your memories or contributions to be added to the website.

The Annual Membership Fee is just £15.

For more details about joining the Banstead History Research Group please mail the BHRG Membership Secretary.